Nuisance tenant evicted following enforcement action

Wigan Council has secured the permanent eviction of a nuisance tenant whose property was the source of frequent outbreaks of anti-social behaviour.

The enforcement action for 113 Wellfield Road in Beech Hill was confirmed in a court hearing last month.

Regular instances of threatening and intimidatory behaviour, along with noise and damage complaints centred on visitors to the property were causing misery for the local community.

Intervention by the council’s Community Resilience Team resulted in restrictions being enforced on the tenant throughout last year, but an escalation of concerning behaviour led to possession orders being sought and then eviction.

Councillor Dane Anderton, cabinet member for police, crime and civil contingencies, said: “Possession Orders like this one are always a last resort for the council, but the behaviour associated with this property was way beyond unacceptable and was having a hugely negative impact on the neighbourhood.

“We would always seek to support our tenants, but we have a duty to our wider communities to take strong action when we see prolonged outbreaks of ASB.

“I hope this sends a message that we will not tolerate such behaviour and will take the appropriate action.”

A closure order, placing restrictions on who could enter the property, was granted and subsequently extended by the courts through last year.

Frequent verbal and written warnings were issued to the tenant and police officers were regularly required to visit the property.

However, council teams recorded that serious anti-social behaviour and nuisance to nearby residents not only continued but escalated. The requirements of the closure orders were also breached.

A Possession Order was applied for and granted in late 2023, with a notice period taking it into this year. A date of eviction was set in February.

Coun Anderton added: “Thankfully, cases like this are rare where tenants ignore warnings and repeatedly break the conditions of their tenancy agreements.

“I would like to commend the work of the Community Resilience Team and reassure residents in the neighbouring area that we will do everything within our power – working alongside our partners at Greater Manchester Police – to promote safe and resilient communities.

“Due to the nature of the housing sector, Wigan Council like many local authorities across the country has a long waiting list for our properties and it is simply not acceptable for tenants to conduct themselves in such a manner and not expect consequences.”

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